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Kristen Bifulco owns the Camden Windward House Bed in downtown Camden Maine. Her Innkeeping style includes traditional and Airbnb methods. Kristen moved to Maine in 2005 originally to buy a farm, but by luck ended up owning a Bed and Breakfast.

Can Maine position itself as a 2017 tourism destination?     

Is 2017 different from other years? The Governor’s Conference will focus on important issues of workforce development and visitor experience. There are several issues that should be considered for 2017. Here are some things I am watching and trying to plan for in the 2017 Maine tourism season.

Innkeepers Guide to a Vegan Valentine

One emerging lifestyle I see a lot at the Inn is the vegan lifestyle. To be vegan is to embrace a ‘kind’ existence of non-violence. Food choice is only one component of this lifestyle. True vegans will look for almost every item in their environment to be ‘kind’. As a host that might seem overwhelming, but with a little knowledge and hints, accommodating this lifestyle is easy.